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Are you looking for help with exercise therapy in Williamsburg? The team at InMotion Center for Chiropractic Care & Exercise Therapy is here to help.


Exercise therapy helps restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease. exercise therapy or "medically directed rehab" helps restore, maintain, and promote overall fitness and health.
Our Williamsburg patients include accident victims and individuals with disabling conditions such as low-back pain, knee pain, arthritis, heart disease, athletic injuries, neck pain, and fibromylagia.

Treatment often includes specific exercises.  For patients who have been immobilized or who lack flexibility, strength, or endurance. exercise therapy helps encourage patients to use their muscles to increase their flexibility and range of motion. More advanced exercises focus on improving strength, balance, coordination, and endurance. The goal is to improve how an individual functions at work and at home.

Exercise therapy also helps treat a wide range of disorders; such as pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, sports medicine, neurology, and cardiopulmonary exercise therapy.


1. Do all patients who come to InMotion have to do exercise therapy?

No. Treatment plans are tailored for patients individually. InMotion believes that the combination of chiropractic care and exercise therapy is typically the best approach, but we will do what is best for you.

2. Does insurance cover exercise therapy at a chiropractic clinic?

Many insurance companies cover this therapy, but others do not. Check with our front desk staff to find out if your insurance covers this service.

3. How does InMotion integrate chiropractic and exercise?

During your initial exam you will be evaluated by both Dr. Keas and Beth, our exercise specialist. They will assess your functional strengthens and weaknesses and then work together to develop a diagnosis and treatment plan for your condition.

4. Are doctors of chiropractic and physical therapists the same?

No. Although there are many similarities between doctors of chiropractic and physical therapists, both professions emphasize returning to health in slightly different ways. Doctors of chiropractic primarily emphasize restoring joint motion and physical therapist primarily emphasize restoring muscle function. At InMotion, we like to combine the best of both.


InMotion Center for Chiropractic Care & Exercise Therapy of Williamsburg was designed to provide an ideal environment for healing your body, through chiropractic care, exercise therapy, and patient education. When you arrive, our physicians will take a thorough history, and evaluation of the entire body including posture and biomechanics, range of motion and joint mobility to find out the cause of pain or disability. You will then discuss treatment options and goals, so that we can customize a treatment plan catered to you.

Each session will last roughly half an hour. The frequency of visits and the length of treatment is determined by the physician who prescribed the treatment. It is a good idea to arrive at your exercise therapy appointment properly dressed. It is best that you wear snug comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict your movement.

The results are typically a result of the patient’s commitment. When the patient follows the plan, does their exercises as often as suggested and using the proper techniques, the treatment is typically very successful.

If you are interested in exercise therapy in Williamsburg, call our InMotion Center for Chiropractic Care & Exercise Therapy team today!


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